Not able to fetch metadata for the mp3 files

  • I am trying to categorise the songs based on Metadata fetched.
    I used the following functions 1)isMetaDataAvailable and

    to fetch the information. They always return true. Do u have any suggestion ?

  • meta_player is my media player objext
    connect(meta_player, SIGNAL(metaDataChanged()), SLOT(metadata_capture()));

    Code of capture:
    if((meta_player->isMetaDataAvailable()) &&( inc < file_list.length()))
    qDebug() << "Meta info available"<<endl;
    QStringList list = meta_player->availableMetaData();
    qDebug() << " Meta Data ="<<list.count()<<endl;
    for(int i=0;i<list.count();i++){
    qDebug() << << " = "<< meta_player->metaData(;
    qDebug()<<"After Icrement "<<inc;
    qDebug()<<"File Name"<<;
    qDebug()<<"File Name"<<;

    The Signal meta_player->setMedia(QUrl::fromLocalFile(; is not emitted properly. For example when I add 6 songs i get met info for two songs. The result is ambiguous, its not constant.

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