How to run offline installer from script (ie, no GUI)?

  • I'm setting up a deployment to client computers. For whatever reason, their preference is to build my software locally on each machine, rather than deploying one portable executable. (tends to be because of legacy/versioning issues between machines)

    Therefore, I need to install Qt 5 on each machine. I know that I could download the source, and build and install qt on each one, but that seems needlessly complex. I currently have a script that downloads the installer and runs it, but that requires clicking through the various screens, knowing to skip the login, and so on that I can't guarantee my customers will want to deal with if they want to redeploy to another system. Also, there's no real way to set where Qt is installed, and the installer, for whatever reason, doesn't set Qt to somewhere easily accessed by the system (ie, you have to manually modify the PATH environment variable to have Qt or some other nonsense).

    What I want to be able to do is download the installer, use sed/awk/grep/etc. to modify a configuration (default install location, no login, etc.), then execute without a gui and proceed with the remainder of my installation.

    Ideally, I'd also like to be able to skip qtcreator, but other threads seem to indicate that must be installed with Qt5 for ??? reason. These machines won't be developing the program further, but they need the dev libraries to compile.

    --- Can Qt be installed from a script without a GUI? Or do I have to build from source to do a scripted custom install?

    (small followup, if I am building Qt from source, what's the minimum set of packages I need if I'm only linking against Qt5Core and Qt5Widgets? is it just qtbase?)