Problem with first QML progarm(texteditor)

  • Hi All
    when i want to run first program that was a tutorial in Qt ( a text editor . i about 2 days try to run it but always i compile program then app gives errors.
    how i should run program with guide Qt :
    We need to compile the file dialog C++ plugin before the text editor can run. To compile, enter the gsQml directory, then run qmake and compile using make or nmake, depending on your platform. To run, launch qmlviewer and open the texteditor.qml file.
    The source code is in the examples/tutorials/gettingStarted/gsQml directory.

    other my question , how i should import "qmlscene -I ./imports texteditor.qml" to my program.
    my QT 3.2.1 with msvc2010 32bit

  • I doubt your Qt version is 3.2.1; that's probably your Creator version. Is there some reason you're using such an old version of Qt?

    There are lots of example programs available from within Qt Creator that you can easily build without worrying about plugins and other complications. Just click the Welcome tab on the left.

  • yes my creator is 3.2.1
    but i like understand how a qml file run with plugins!?

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