Qt without SSE/SSE2 support for old hardware system

  • hi,

    I've got an old POS PC with touch panel. The internal CPU is a Via C3 processor Erza, that does not support SSE / SSE2 instruction set, which is needed by default by the Qt installation packages.

    Now I would like to use the PC with an small Qt program. The PC runs with Windows Xp (no internet needed). I build the Programm with another PC running Windows 7, mingw32 compiler and Qt 4.8.6.

    Without any changes to the Qt library, the finished program doesn't start on the POS PC - it shows the error message
    "The application failed to start correctly (0x000001d).
    Click "OK" to close the application. "

    This is probably due to the lack of SSE / SSE2 support.

    So I've already downloaded the open source Qt library and compiled it with the mingw32 compiler with options -no-sse and -no-sse2.

    The now translated program seems to start at the POS PC. It appears for 1 second without an error in the Task Manager, and then ends up right back. From the GUI, however, is nothing to see.

    On other PCs, the program is working without any problems.

    Yeah ... pretty crappy situation - especially since I haven't found useful or similar problems in the net.

    Is there anyone have an idea what I have to consider when using Qt under WinXP with old hardware?

    Thanks for any help ;)

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