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Mac: building plugandpaint. QT_BUILD_TREE issue

  • Hello,

    I'm trying to get Creator to build from the .pro file in 4.7/tools/plugandpaint.

    It's pretty clear that QT_BUILD_TREE is not being set. I can edit the .pro file, but I really want to solve the root problem and find out what the best practices way of getting QT_BUILD_TREE set.

    The lib statement in the .pro file:

    LIBS           = -L$${QT_BUILD_TREE}/examples/tools/plugandpaint/plugins -lpnp_basictools

    And the resulting error message.
    ld: warning: directory '/examples/tools/plugandpaint/plugins' following -L not found
    ld: library not found for -lpnp_basictools_debug

  • I don't believe setting QT_BUILD_TREE correctly would resolve this as libpnp_basicictools_debug is not in any path with 'examples' in it.

    I've downloaded the binary version and qtdemo now runs properly.

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