Segmentation Fault (core dumped) when opening a Qt Creator Project

  • Running Ubuntu 14.04 LTS in a Virtual Box VM running Windows 7 on a 64-bit Intel Xeon micro. Lotsa RAM and using a mirror'd SSD 250 G storage.
    I installed Qt Creator, created a project using the Import Process on Qt Creator.
    When I try to open that project, Qt Creator crashes almost immediately with a Segmentation Fault (core dumped).
    When I start Qt Creator, the following is displayed in the terminal....
    libGL error: pci id for fd 26: 80ee:beef, driver (null)
    libGL error: core dri or dri2 extension not found
    libGL error: failed to load driver: vboxvideo
    It is worth noting that I loaded Qt Creator in WIndows and I experience the same behavior.
    Can anyone determine what Qt Creator doesn't like about my machine?

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