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Embed Qt window in Win32 C++/Delphi non-Qt app

    1. Why the goal: got a legacy app, main form with several dockable/undockable child windows, want to display web content in those child windows, don't want to use IE ActiveX for that.
    2. Why QT: as far as I was able find out to this point, Qt is the only east-to-learn (actually out-of-the-box) solution for displaying HTML via WebKit. Make Qt window, place web browser widget there, that's all, something like that.
    3. Now the question is how to properly embed Qt window into a native one. If it's possible at all. I mean, of course it's possible to retrieve a window handle from Qt window and change it's parent hwnd, but it might be that Qt window requires a specific message pump. Also I can try to run Qt window in a separate thread (if Qt allows that) and have its parent window run in another Win32 thread, so that each thread can have its own message pump; but since the windows message queue will be shared, might be those message pumps are incompatible. Any chance someone knows how to do what I want?

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