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Windows 8.1 Error starting qtcreator

  • Hello all, and excuse me for my english.
    I have ancient netbook asus eee pc 1015pe. Without going much into details, this machine with intel atom with two cores at 1.6 and 2 gig of operatives and the display resolution to 1024X680.
    While it was a windows xp, Qt even run (and at ubuntu too), but at windows 8.1, Qt doesn't work (error at startup).
    Windows log:
    Problem signature:
       Event Name the problem: APPCRASH
       Application Name: qtcreator.exe
       Application Version:
       The time stamp applications: 55d305d7
       The name of the module with an error: ig4dev32.dll
       Module Version error:
       The time stamp module error: 4bcc7e5f
       Exception code: c0000005
       Offset exceptions: 0000d09f
       OS Version: 6.3.9600.
       Language code: 1049
       Additional Information 1: 5861
       2 For more information: 5861822e1919d7c014bbb064c64908b2
       For more information, 3: 31c4
       For more information, 4: 31c4f0c30ca267a761c69930266146b1

    Can anyone have any advice? Except change the OS.

  • Hi, an error in ig4dev32.dll sounds like an OpenGL problem, try starting Qt Creator from a CMD window, like this:
    C:\Qt\Tools\QtCreator\bin\qtcreator -noload Welcome

  • @hskoglund said:

    Ammm, what need for fix problem? I mean: it can be repaired or leave as is?

  • Well to fix the crash perhaps you can find and update the video driver for your asus eee netbook.

    But you can make Qt Creator start using the mouse (no CMD window):
    Start Qt Creator one last time using CMD window, goto menu Help, About Plugins...
    Find the line with the Welcome plugin, and deselect the Load tickbox.
    Now you should be able to start Qt Ctreator the usual way.