Control embedded widgets through jQuery

  • Hi there,

    I can set the size of a widget through jQuery command

    $( "#MyWidget" ).css({width: "320px",height: "147px"})

    MyWidget gets a resizeEvent and I can repaint the widget with the new size.

    Is there a way to get events for other commands for animated effects like .slideUp, .fadeIn or .animate?

    Thanks in advance

    [EDIT: code formatting, please wrap in @-tags, Volker]

  • In my opinion: it should be the same, I think, but in other events, slideUp should call also resizeEvent(...), fadeIn(...) should call painEvent(...) and animate should call some especially method/event which has to do that required work...

  • I get the resizeEvent with slideUp only once and without the transition time. So I can't do some effects.
    Do you know which special methods/events are called by .animate?

  • You should use QTimer :), in jQuery.animate(...) or all these UI functions works on timers :) ...

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