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How to improve touch screen interaction in WinRT?

  • Hello,

    Recently I've been testing my application under a Windows tablet and I've noticed several quirks about it that doesn't work that well with standard QML/Qt Quick components

    I need to tackle these issues, yet I'm not sure where to start to begin with. (I already created my +winrt folder to separate certain components.

    • How to take care of resizing components? The main component of my app is a SplitView, where the left component becomes incredibly hard to resize as I can't pinch its border to "grab it".
    • Interacting with TreeView in a touch screen is futile unless you "slide down to the item you want". I need the user to be able to click the items in a treeview, something that can't be done at the moment for some reason. I know I have to delegate, no doubt about that, but I need an idea of what I'm going to be adding to it so it could be more "touch friendly"
    • Text fields are a bit hard to handle... although I have an idea in mind which is to "remove the focus on textfield" if a touch event is happening somewhere else.

    Any tips in making the app more touch-friendly is warmly welcomed. (articles, documentation (I keep getting led to Multi touch events which is not something I want at the moment).

    Also, I'm not sure if it's only my application but with Qt 5.5 when the screen orientation changes it won't repaint correctly. (Was running as debug mode through Visual Studio 2013 deploying remotely to tablet).

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