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Use QMAKE variables in QtCreator (as a QtCreator: variable)

  • Hello,

    I have projects with different Versions. So I have a config.pri in each version with the following:

    PROGRAM_VERSION = V_4_5_7 or V_4_5_3 or whatever Version...

    In QMake, I can get this with "$$PROGRAM_VERSION"

    Now I would like to have this Variable in Qt Creator as a part of the build path. (Tools->Options->Build & Run -> Default build directory)

    Is there a way to get this ? In QtCreator, the variables have this syntax "%{variable} ". Is QtCreater able to read from the PRO-Files ? Or from the memory list ?

    In QTCreator, I want to use this as a part of the Buildpath. i.E e:/builds/myapplication/%{PROGRAM_VERSION}/whatever.

    If it works, what is the translation ?

    English is not my native language, I hope you understand what I need...


    P.S: If QtCreator has no connection to the Variables of QMake, is QMake able to set an environment variable ?