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Pireal - an educational tool for relational algebra

  • Hello!

    First of all, sorry for my English, i'm Spanish speaker.

    I want to share this project that I've been working very recently, it is a tool for working with relational databases, you can create databases, insert content and evaluate queries written in relational algebra from a intuitive interface.

    This tool was designed as a free and cross-platform alternative to WinRDBI.

    The main project website is: Pireal
    Source code available at: Source code

    Any feedback is greatly appreciated :)

  • Lifetime Qt Champion


    Thanks for sharing !

    Out of curiosity, why not use Qt 5 + PyQt 5 ?

  • @SGaist Because i've had problems running tests in travis-ci, specifically problems installing Qt5, but I will try to pass to Qt5 again :).

  • its a good tool that allows to evaluate queries written in the language of relational algebra and visualize the result of a particular query. i wish to use it in future some time
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