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Qt Creator message Qt version in not properly installed, please run make install... message / error...

  • Hello
    Apologizes if this is rather target specific, but I think the question is generic enough to ask hear.
    Use Qt Creator with the Texas Instruments OMAP-L137 DVSDK qmake?

    I have set up the PATH to qmake with

    When I run qtcreator from ~/ti-dvsdk_omapl138-evm_4_02_00_06/linux-devkit/bin$ ./qtcreator all OK.
    When I look at Qt Creator's Tools -->Options press the Qt4 icon I get Auto-detected Qt in path as what I expected..

    This is the problem...
    In the lower part of the dialog there is a message that says
    Qt version in not properly installed, please run make install....

    This is interesting and not clear why...
    Reason, I can reliably compile / build and run example Qt projects .pro's form the command line.. i.e.
    qmake then make etc for the project.... This at least tells me qmake is working with command line etc...

    Hence, I am very reluctant to as suggested "please run make install", as it may brake the already working setup, under the command line.

    Can ANYONE please help and advised, what triggers Qt Creator Tools-->Options-->Qt4 dialog to issue the "Qt version in not properly installed, please run make install...." message?
    i.e. what is "not proper" about it and possible how to correct the problem?
    Is there any documentation anywhere what causes this message...etc?


  • Moderators

    This message is triggered in the following conditions:

    • The directory QT_INSTALL_BINS points to does not exist
    • The directory QT_INSTALL_HEADERS points to does not exist

    Please check the output of "qmake -query" to get the values for those settings.

    Running "make install" after building Qt will make sure everything is in the correct place.

  • Tobias

    user@user-desktopUbuntuLTS:~/ti-dvsdk_omapl138-evm_4_02_00_06/linux-devkit/bin$ ./qmake -query

    Is this correct?

  • Hello Tobias, sorry for the incorrect answer. Yes indeed the
    QT_INSTALL_BINS and QT_INSTALL_HEADERS qt is pointing to is nonexistent. I'm trying to resolve now, but having other issues in doing a fresh install of qt. Reason, the files were never installed with the development kit version that qt came from TI DVSDK. Thanks
    Again sorry for the stupid answer...

  • Moderators

    Sorry, I do not know the TI DVSDK.

    Maybe you can just file a bugreport with the vendor of your board about the broken Qt installation?

  • Thanks Tobias:
    Yes, I do understand that the nonexistent / missing files / paths etc. need to be fixed.
    Perhaps you, or anyone could take a look at a issue I'm having in trying to solve that at

    Also, guess I don't understand what is needed for qmake to work?
    I did not mention previously, but, I can build / compile / on the host environment, and run on the OMAP-L138 target some of the qt examples with the current installed environment using the command line i.e.
    cd <directory where the application source is>
    qmake -project

    Not sure how that works (me qt nubee) when paths to qmake are incorrect and or non existent as shown above in the ./qmake -query above ?

    Maybe you or ? could enlighten me on how that is working?
    Thanks again!

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