[Solved] Scroll to item in TreeView

  • Hi All,
    Scroll to an item in a TreeView by means of code in c++ or qml, that is what i'm trying to do.
    I have a TreeView and a "searchbox", a TextField and 2 Buttons, in the same view.
    After a successfull search i select the target item by code in c++ and qml.
    Selecting the item works fine but i can't find a way to set the scroller to an appropriate Position.
    In a ListView i could use the currentIndex property for programmed Scrolling, but currentIndex is readonly on the TreeView.

    Any Idea?

  • @Precitec
    Managed it myself.
    Found code in TableView source i could use for TreeView:

    function positionViewAtRow(row, mode) { __listView.positionViewAtIndex(row, mode) }