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Qt Metrics site has been renewed

  • Qt Metrics site has been renewed to better serve the needs of the developers. Please visit

    The UI has been renewed to support responsiveness and bookmarkable urls, and to make content of the pages easier to read.

    The data is structured now so that only the (daily) Qt5 state builds are included. You can view either the Qt5 state build results or the test results in the Qt5 state builds across the branches. Hierarchy of the build and test data is as follows:

    • project (“Qt5” or the testset parent project like “QtBase”)
    • configuration (e.g. “macx-clang_developer-build_OSX_10.10”)
    • testset (e.g. “tst_qftp”)
    • test function (e.g. “connectToHost”)
    • test row (e.g. “WithoutProxy:ok01”)

    With the Qt Metrics you can for example:

    • see a quick overview to the latest build and test status
    • see the build status for windows platform configurations
    • see test status for all testsets in QtBase
    • see which testsets, test functions and testrows are failing in macx-clang_developer-build_OSX_10.10
    • see top failing testsets and test functions
    • see the list of flaky testsets
    • see the blacklisted test functions and test rows that are currently passing the testing, and therefore the blacklisted tag could maybe be removed

    In case of questions, proposals, and improvement ideas, please contact the development team

    If interested, you are welcome to contribute new features and views.