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Translator: Can I switch to input language as a translation?

  • Hello to all,

    is there a way to load the original input language with the translator?

    Meaning, I have defined translatable texts for labels in QtDesigner and directly in the code in English. I've created a .ts file for German and from that, using QtLinguist, a .qm file. Now I can install German translations using the .qm file and switch to English by unloading it, again. But, of course, English is not being translated. Thus, texts like

    tr("%n measurement(s) saved", 0, n)

    are not translated, so the singular/plural forms are not automatically changed. Is there a way to load the input language ("English" in my case) with the translator without having to create a dedicated .qm file using lupdate, QtLinguist and lrelease?

    Kind regards,


  • IIRC the strings in tr( ) are meant to be IDs, and therefore they are not meant to be printed at all in a released product. Therefore I don't think you can skip the creation of a qm file for English, even if you've written nice English sentences in the tr() statements.

  • Thanks for your answer, JohanSolo!

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