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How to enter translatable text using plural/arguments in QtDesigner?

  • Hello to all,

    I got a question concerning the input of translatable texts in QtDesigner:
    I use the "Design" area of "QtCreator" to place some labels on a widget and want to make the labels translatable.

    in the code I use e.g.

    ui->label_6->setText(tr("%n measurement(s) saved", 0, n));



    with n being an int.

    Is it possible to insert something like this also via the Designer?
    Also, is there a possibility to use translator arguments with the Designer?
    So far I have only found the properties "translatable", "disambiguation" and "comment" in the property window.

    The reason behind my questions is the following:
    I create labels and buttons on a "page" widget and want to switch the language dynamically using the translator. Setting the text of the widgets via code directly works fine, but after switching the language the retranslateUi(); function in my overloaded changeEvent function takes the text from that has been defined in the Designer and I need to update the texts of the labels "manually" in the code. Thus, I wanted to know whether there is a more "direct" way to do this.

    Kind regards,


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