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Passing control from Main loop

  • Hello. I have a very beginner question to ask.
    It is my understanding that the main loop has the control for the UI elements. How do I pass control to my program logic in a way that avoids GIL? I am programming in C++ and an utter beginner and cannot figure out how this works. What does it look like?

    Thank you in advance !

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    Hi and welcome
    GIL ? , like in global interpreter lock ?

    The QApplication::exec() is a event loop that runs the application.

    Im not sure what you mean by
    "How do I pass control to my program logic"

    Except you if you just mean run your application.
    In that case, you write your classes and functions.

    Say when you click a button. a click event is generated.
    If you connect a function to that event, your code is then run.
    (Right click the button and select go to slot)

    If you make a loop that runs forever, you will block the event loop and in that case the
    application will hang.

    To avoid that one could call QCoreApplication::processEvents() to avoid it hanging but in most cases such
    heavy calculations should be done in a new Thread.

    Hope it sort of answer what you ask.

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