Gesture conflicts with unity

  • Hello everyone,

    I'm developing a multitouch application and I wanted it based on Qt. With ubuntu 11.04, Qt is now able to support native multitouch events. However, it gets in conflict with the unity gestures.
    For example, if I'm using 3 fingers, unity thinks that I want to move the window and I don't get the event in my application!
    Is there anyway to disable this behavior when the multitouch events occurs on my application?

    Thank you very much.

  • Question is: Does it Ubuntu or your software?

  • Probably not. I would imagine the window manager would capture the gesture before it gets a chance to make it to your application. Much like how alt+drag will move the window regardless of what you have that mapped to inside your application.

  • [quote author="Peppy" date="1305661004"]Question is: Does it Ubuntu or your software?[/quote]
    Not sure that I well understand your question. Do Ubuntu or my software has to disable the multitouch?
    Of course I would prefer if the software could. But as Kidproquo said, it is probably not possible..

    Actually, even disabling those gestures is very tricky! I have a thread on the ubuntu forum asking how to do so..

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