Giving Repeater a custom ListModel places the first element on the bottom of the window

  • I have a repeater that creates a bunch of rects. When I give it an empty model with 3 elemtns, all 3 elements are nicely placed in a column. But when I give it a custom ListModel, the first (zeroest) item is placed outside of the window. Like this
    It happens with every ListModel I make. To see the first element I have to maximize the What is wrong?
    Edit: When I write "model: 3" inside Repeater everything's fine, but when I set model to 3 from outside, the first element is again on the bottom.

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    Hi @archeria
    Can you post the code ?

  • Yeah, here you go:
    The problem is rep1. I figured it might be a bug in my Qt version and updated and now everything is broken and nothing will compile, so I can't give you a screenshot. But it's pretty much like in this fine paint art:
    What I'm trying to show is that the 0. element is outside the the visible area, and if I resize it, it's still stuck to the bottom.
    Edit: I still have a backup of my system with the old version, so I could still roll back. But I want to wait, maybe someone can help me with the compiler errors first (other post).

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