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[solved] Loader and QML files

  • Hello,

    I'm having a small problem recently. I started using the Loader and it has worked quite well, except I need to keep the three views I've created (table view, list view, grid view) where the user left off (say the user changed the item's width in a split view, if he goes to table view and goes back to the previous one it reloads the file).

    How can I achieve this in qt quick? (switching between already initialized views without losing modifications)

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    @David.G Loader can only load a single file or component at a time. So when you change the source it is going to reload it and the changes will be lost unless you save it somewhere and load it I think you should use a StackView instead and set destroOnPop to false when pushing.

  • Hey @p3c0, thanks for replying.

    I ended up pushing for that route. I was planning to use Binders (Binding) but thought the process would be too expensive for the cause. I ran into a little problem, since I have a sidebar on the left the StackView animation would run over it which wasn't desirable. So for future reference all you need to do is play with the z index.

  • I know this is marked as solved, but just as an aside: to do this with a Loader, you could use a Settings object to store the properties that should be reset to restore the state of the user's view - still a Labs feature just now, but it works very nicely.