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Qt using portable devices (camera)

  • Hello togehter,

    I´m creating an app for windows that shows picture saved in a directory. Is use QFileDialog for selecting directory than directory is iterated by QDirIterator. It works perfect.
    Now want to show pictures from my camera which is pluged via USB to my PC. But this isn´t working beacues my camera is connected as a portable devide and not as a USB mass storage. I can´t change this setting. So in QFiledialog icon for my camera is selectable but QFiledialog return "" for path to directory. Using QDirIterator is also not possible. I found no solution to get a path for portable devices.
    In windows paths is showed something like that "Computer/D90/Wechselmedien/DCIM/100NCD90/CSC_6957.JPG". In Qt it´s not usable.

    Please can you help me. Is there an way with Qt getting a valid path for portable devices and using files saved there? How can I show pictures from my camera with Qt? Using a card reader is not an option.

    Thanks in advance for your help.

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