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QWebView can't render unicode font on windows xp

  • I have problem with QWebView. I wrote small app which renders web application. I have font(unicode) problem. On my windows 7 it renders correct font, but on windows xp(virtual machine) doesn't render font.

    this is my code:

    QFontDatabase database;
    foreach (const QString &family, database.families()) {
        qDebug() << family;
    QWebSettings *settings = ui->webView->settings();
    //settings->setFontFamily(QWebSettings::StandardFont, "acadnusx");
    //settings->setFontSize(QWebSettings::DefaultFontSize, 12);

    I listed QFontDatabase fonts and On Windows xp some fonts are missing. How my question is: how detect which fonts uses web view on my windows xp and than add that font to QFontDatabase to render this font in windows xp(or another platform)