Creating application for Desktop (Windows/Linux/Mac) and Mobile (iOS/Android)

  • Hi,

    I have recently started working as a freelancer and working on a product. I did some initial analysis and started working with the development. For desktop I am creating application in Java and JCEF, for android Intel XDk and Crosswalk for iOS Objective C with Crosswalk for iOS.

    The requirement of app is

    1. Download and extract 7zip compressed file and extract it on device.
    2. Create a internal webserver.
    3. Load and Run HTML5 WebGL games within app. The games will be developed in
    4. Some additional functionalities related to accessing device camera.

    I was looking for some library/programming language which can be used to build this functionality. I have few questions.

    1. Can I use QT to develop similar app which will be targetted to desktop and mobiles without many changes within code.
    2. How good is QT webkit support for WebGL. In terms of performance and WebGL features.
    3. I am web developer so learning C++ could be difficult, is QML sufficient to build this kind of functionality.

    Also do we need QT runtime on all devices for qt application to run or it packages in native format like exe for windows and apk for android.

    Any feedback on the above will be helpful

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