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Camera not working

  • I have developped an windows desktop app and tested it on different PCs and one Tablet. All works correct here.
    Then I bought an other Windows 8.1 Tablet and here it works not.
    The camarea switches not from the State UnloadedState to the ActiveState.
    The camera ist ok, becaue other apps from the windows store can control it.

    What can I do to figure out whats the problem.

  • Do you have some code ?

  • Hi @Franckynos !

    The basis was the example integrated in the QtCreator.
    This program doesnt work too. It enables not the ImageTabpage because it receives not the State QCamera::ActiveState.

        connect(camera, SIGNAL(stateChanged(QCamera::State)), this,       SLOT(updateCameraState(QCamera::State)));

    A part of my code

        QCamera *Cam;
        Cam = new QCamera(QCamera::BackFace);
            CriticalDlg("Image capture not supported !");
        Capture = new QCameraImageCapture(Cam);

    I found out that my via USB connected LogitechWebcam works.

  • For me with my cam, it works just for take a picture not a video.

    But there are a lot of problem with QCamera, many feature dosen't work for me.

    Camera exposure, flash, video ....

    Just take some pictures with it, and not to the maximum quality of camera! It's restricted :(

  • @Franckynos
    Yes, I know video capture is not supported for windows.
    But, I fail already, by the simple camera initialisation. :-(
    An idears: driver - codecs missing, user right for camera, what can I do to find out what does not work ....
    If I can not solve the problem my whole project will break down.

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