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Returning a multiple QObject derivated pointer class from a Q_INVOKABLE parameters

  • Hi,

    I'm created an QAbstractListModel derived class from a CPP INVOKABLE method. Here the declaration :

    class CustomModelList : public QAbstractListModel
        Q_PROPERTY(QString title READ title NOTIFY titleChanged)
         . . .
    Q_DECLARE_METATYPE(CustomModelList  *)

    On the CPP side, I have a CPP mediator set as context in the QQmlApplicationEngine. It is exposing a method to create two list at time :

    Q_INVOKABLE bool createListModel(CustomModelList* pList1, CustomModelList* pList2)
        pList1 = new CustomModelList ("List #1", this);
        pList1 = new CustomModelList ("List #2", this);

    And on the QML side, here is how I call it

    var t1, t2;
    manager.createListModel(t1, t2);
    // t1 and t2 are always undefined after calling this function !

    I tried using QObject* instead of CustomModelList* as parameter but I got the same negative result. I tried also QVariant* but always the same "undefined" result.

    Obviously, it works doing this :

    Q_INVOKABLE QObject* createListModel()
        return new CustomModelList ("List #1", this);
    // Qml side
    var t1 = manager.createListModel();

    But this is not what I need.
    Is there a way to create object on CPP using parameters of a method and then getting it on QML side ?

    Best regards,

  • From the QT documentation it seem to be possible : Exposing Attributes of C++ Types to QML

    Any data that is transferred from C++ to QML, whether as a property value, a method parameter or return value, or a signal parameter value, must be of a type that is supported by the QML engine.

    So why it is not working ? Is any of you succeed returning one or more object through method parameters ?