[SOLVED] QTreeWidget branch increasing size

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    the qtreewidget shows a small arrow for expand/collapse
    I can replace that
    with border-image in a stylesheet
    but how would I make it bigger?
    Seems to be same size regardless of image size used.

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    One can controls the branch size to some degree.

    Still looking for a stylesheet way of doing it.

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    Although you can't set a size of the branch directly you can manipulate it indirectly like this:

    QTreeView::item { height: 100px; } /* manipulates item but influences the height of the branch too */
    QTreeView { qproperty-indentation: 100; } /* offsets an item and so also widens the branch, note no unit (px) */

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    @Chris-Kawa said:

    Ahh, ofcause qproperty !


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