Linking 2 QSpinBoxes

  • Hi, I've used Qt Designer to create a dialog that contains 2 QSpinBoxes set for int values. One is for width and the other height. When the user changes the value in the width QSpinBox I want the height QSpinBox to immediately change it's value (i.e. similar to adobe photoshops 'resize image' for using with Constrain Proportions - but with spinners). However, it's not working. I have 2 slots:

    @void widthValueChanged(int);
    void heightValueChanged(int);@

    These are connected from another object like this:

    @QObject::connect(widthSpinBox, SIGNAL(valueChanged(int)), NewBackdropDialog, SLOT(widthValueChanged(int)));

    QObject::connect(heightSpinBox, SIGNAL(valueChanged(int)), NewBackdropDialog, SLOT(heightValueChanged(int)));@

    And this is the code for widthValueChanged(int i):

    @void MyForm::widthValueChanged(int i) {
    qDebug()<<"value changed: " << i; //this line works fine

    qDebug() << widthSpinBox->value(); //this line causes the program to not compile
    heightSpinBox->setValue(i); //this line also causes the program to not compile


    I'm guessing that the problem has something do with there being only one valueChanged(int) signal. But I really don't understand Signals and Slots so I'm struggling to understand what is going on. Is there a way to achieve what I am trying to do? Many thanks.


  • What is the error? Are widthSpinBox and heightSpinBox members in MyForm class? (maybe they are not accessible there). Tell us more about what are you doing.

  • I have problems explaining because I don't really understand how it works. This is the code that I use for creating the dialog, it may help explain it:

    @ //Ui_NewBackdropDialog bdDialog;
    MyUi_NewBDDialog bdDialog; //extends Ui_NewBackdropDialog bdDialog;
    /* Ui_NewBackdropDialog is in the header file that is generated by Qt Designer. I extended it so that I can connect the Signals to Slots without needing to alter Ui_NewBackdropDialog each time it is regenerated */

        MyForm mf; //MyForm extends QDialog
        mf.init(bdDialog.constrainProportionsCB, bdDialog.widthSpinBox,
                imageWidth, imageHeight);
        //mf.widthTextEdit = bdDialog.widthTextEdit;
        //mf.heightTextEdit = bdDialog.heightTextEdit;
        qDebug() << "isAccepted: " << mf.isAccepted;@

    The strange thing is that I also have a QCheckBox in the Dialog and I can get it to change from the void MyForm::widthValueChanged(int i) function. I can also set the values of widthSpinBox and heightSpinBox using another function in the extend dialog and by using a QPushButton. I'm sorry I can't explain it better, this is all very fuzzy to me.

  • widthSpinBox and heightSpinBox are pointer members in MyForm. The actual Objects are in Ui_NewBackdropDialog (and MyUi_NewBDDialog by extension).

  • Please post the complete classes or put them on pastebin. From your code it is not clear what is called where. And please do post the error message as requested.

  • I made a mistake - it was compiling! The program was just crashing when I opened the dialog.

    But I have fixed the problem now. I removed all the code for connecting the QSpinBoxes out of MyUi_NewBDDialog and into MyForm.init() (after the pointer members had been instantiated). This meant I could get rid of MyUi_NewBDDialog completely and go back to using it's parent class Ui_NewBackdropDialog.

    I still don't understand why the old way would allow the QSpinBox to alter a member QCheckBox, and not another QSpinBox. Or why both QSpinBoxes could be altered by another QPushBox. But the codes deleted now so I can't show you.

    But I'm happy it works now! It's so cool how code drops away when the right solution is found. I nearly always find it happens like this.

    Thanks for your help guys and again I'm sorry for my hopelessly written question.

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