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qt3d-scene only in a part of the 'regular' qml app --- is it possible?

  • I would like to use Qt3D in my "normal" QML app, of which the root element is "ApplicationWindow" currently.
    However, all the Qt3D examples I see in Qt 5.5

    1. are built in the way only showing Qt3D elements (mostly with the root element "Entity"),
    2. use the whole application for 3D content,
    3. use QQmlAspectEngine instead of QQmlApplicationEngine with a demo-specific "window.h".

    Is it possible to 'use' only a part of the QML app for the Qt3D scene with

    1. all the interaction possibilities (eg. with mouse/keyboard-camera-position-changing)
    2. being able to show .obj/.dae meshes
      Is there a demo for this use case available?

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