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Microsoft to acquire Nokia mobile phone devision?

  • Here is the translated copy from un"confirmed rumor":

    Russian to English translation
    In Nokia's working wonderful people who are rushing from one solution to another. But the general and the general party line about the blogger Murtazina sounds like - "this man knows nothing about the company's Nokia, it does not have and had no access to our secrets, and in general, he does it solely from harm." Understandable and explainable behavior strategy in the case when the other side (yours truly) takes the rules of the game and allows you to arrange slaughter of the innocents. But tolerance for such behavior of companies not included in the base set of my virtues, so that everything goes exactly the opposite.

    So, what picture develops. Nokia employees at all levels teach that all The stated Murtazin made to order evil competitors. Very convenient position of the world, which means that anything from you does not depend on you or not guilty of anything, and most importantly, that nothing need to do.

    But I am satisfied with the effort that puts the company in this aspect, as they purposefully create my reputation. It should be just a little bit to play up to Nokia. As you can imagine, the company has since appealed to the police a statement and could not find any sources of information within, or overlap them, erectile dysfunction, it has always manifest turbulent external actions and a zero effect. All that remained to do, I just continue to do its job. That is, write about what is happening and will happen. The main thing is information in the media. And the readers are ready to locate this information, to perceive. If there's drama (conflict), then the information is perceived even better.

    So, what I do. Telling the whole truth and nothing but it on, Nokia. What is actually what I was doing all the time. And the company was not initially publicly denied this information, and then "suddenly" and delay it confirms. It looks very funny, but such exercises in the end brings me extra points, since confirmed that, unlike the Nokia employees in my current information, which is then confirmed.

    Here, for example, wrote in his time in Spillikins that the company is going to open OVI Store, it caused a wave of discussions. As Washington Post writer spoke in this spirit - what are you all discussing this rumor and the source of a blogger, that's saying and the company also said. Then the store opened, no amendments and notes with reference to me was not. But the author remembered that the information was correct. When the information appeared in Spillikins that MS and Nokia are in talks behind closed doors, she is a newspaper printed the comment that the information is noteworthy, because in the past, this source was correct. This is a standard scheme of work of any publication, and any sane reader, makes roughly the same conclusions.

    Let's look at an example of the present day. In the past Spillikins wrote that Nokia refuses to mark OVI. A week earlier, wrote about this in his Twi. And Nokia in nearly two weeks confirms all this. Officially. Do you think that someone they have rendered the service, speaking privately to reporters that it's all nonsense Murtazina insane? :)

    People live in the old and do not understand how the information that such media. And lose again and again. But my problem is just doing their job. Given the degree of insanity in the Nokia, it becomes easy to do. And there you have another piece of information - the following week Nokia begins talks on selling the phone division at Microsoft. While the results of these negotiations will not be public, but the deal could be closed before the end of 2011, both companies are very much in a hurry. After all, today the problem for the current management of Nokia does not produce good products, but as soon as possible to destroy the company, and interesting assets transferred to the MS. Everything is transparent and takes place in public.

  • The real problem im having is that this guy Eldar Murtazin has the reputation of getting very info which is very close to reality. After that Nokia will be left with Qt Development Framework only :)

  • This is just the Google translation I linked to as well. I was hoping one of the Russian speaking members could take a look to see if the translation makes any sense at all...

  • [quote author="kidproquo" date="1305549680"]The question there is: why would they bother?

    They've already got an agreement to get Nokia to use WP7 for their phones. The other mobile companies who are currently making WP7 phones would almost certainly abandon and unify even more behind android.

    Plus, there would be a number of issues getting approval for any buyout I imagine.[/quote]

    Control, for one. Controlling both the hardware and the software seems to work very well for Apple. In that strategy, MS would want those other companies to abandon WP7. I also think there may be interesting synergies to be gained from Microsofts recent Skype acquisition.

  • Apple do not own a manufacturing unit. Apple outsources and chinese comps manufacture it. Why should MS buy Nokia mobile division then?

  • same rumors on french news...

  • Mark Squires, Comms Director for Nokia via "Twitter":!/DrPinball/status/70119002344660992:

    "We typically don’t comment on rumors. But we have to say that Eldar’s rumors are getting obviously less accurate with every passing moment"

    Who knows though... MS is on a bit of an expansionist binge these days.

  • same rumors on Chinese news. Let's see what happen next week.

  • Can you imagine the ticket price ??
    Skype 8,5 Md$ : never win a dollar
    Nokia XX? Md$ : Major actor in mobile phone, about 29 MD$ CA

  • [quote author="gedd" date="1305650926"]Can you imagine the ticket price ??
    Skype 8,5 Md$ : never win a dollar
    Nokia XX? Md$ : Major actor in mobile phone, about 29 MD$ CA [/quote]

    This is a quote from the link Dieter provided:

    [quote]What’s fascinating about this rumor is the numbers. After last week’s $8.5 billion Skype acquisition, Microsoft has about $32 billion left in cash reserves. And, as The Guardian points out, Nokia’s market capitalization is just shy of $32 billion. Coincidence?[/quote]

  • Do you think that Skype's market capitalisation was $8.5 billion ?
    At least the proposition must be 2x the market value to be serious.
    Let's wait and see , no ?

  • It was just rumor Nokia is Big company, Largest handset manufacturer, they won't do it.

  • [quote author="qtrahul" date="1306761894"]It was just rumor Nokia is Big company, Largest handset manufacturer, they won't do it.[/quote]

    Well they just dropped their hands off of Qt (major role in their new platform) what would hold them in selling anything that makes kching??

  • Same Russian source, by the way. I hope he is wrong...

  • [quote author="Andre" date="1306953303"]Same Russian source, by the way. I hope he is wrong...[/quote]
    I totally second that... I just wonder what will be left of Nokia if they would sell.

  • From the D9 interview with Stephen Elop:

    Stephen: "We will remain in possession of the hardware business. The rumors are baseless."

    Stephen: "It doesn't make sense when you think about it. Look at the synergies between the companies -- if you sell, you destroy value in the process."

    I think that settles that rumour, at least for now.

  • "Tomi Ahonen": has recently published an interesting article about possible Nokia buyouts: "Quick Thoughts on Nokia as Takeover Target":

  • Tomi Ahonen is always an enjoyable read :-)

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