Virtual/Hidden File System

  • Hi guys,

    I wish to bundle several files with my Qt app, including .html, .js and .exe and was wondering if there is any mechanism to place these into one binary or generate a virtual/temp file-system at run-time so that filesystem behaviour won't break but at the same time these files aren't sitting around in the Qt app directory for people to view/mod.

    I considered the Qt resource system but presumably a link to another file in a .html, for example, wouldn't be able to see another file within the resource or a .exe program won't be able to see its configuration file etc.

    Many thanks

  • Hi there,

    What filesystem are you using? If it's unix/linux based, just create a hidden directory (similar to .ssh/ or .config/) at a preferred location by appending a dot to the directory name. This will resolve the html link and other related issues as mentioned my you.

    Hope this works for you.

    Anant Agrawal

  • Thank you Anant,

    I will be deploying both to Linux and Windows and so require a solution for both, however they don't necessarily have to be the same solution.

    Many thanks