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[SOLVED] JSON problem with Qt>=5.4

  • Hi,
    This code is OK with Qt5.3.2 :

    QString strReply = (QString)m_reponse->readAll();
    QJsonDocument jsonResponse = QJsonDocument::fromJson(strReply.toUtf8());
    QJsonObject jsonObject = jsonResponse.object();
    QJsonValue v  = jsonObject["valuedouble"];
    // or QJsonValue v  = jsonObject.take("valuedouble");
    double d=v.toDouble();

    I get a value in the double d that is not 0.
    but with Qt>= 5.4 this code doesn't runs not well, I get 0.0 in the double d although strReply is Ok.
    Has someone an idea about this problem ?

  • Hi again,
    I think there is a problem with the method QJsonDocument::fromJson, from Qt>=5.4. when debugging I have seen that a member variable from jsonResponse,d, is =0x0 in the case of Qt 5.4 and not in the case of Qt5.3.2,as a result to the call of QJsonDocument::fromJson(strReply.toUtf8()); .

  • This post is deleted!

  • Perhaps the method QJsonDocument::fromJson doesn't accept anymore the JSON that I receive....

  • Sorry, I have seen that strReply wasn't OK and it runs with QT5.3.2 but not with Qt5.4.there was a missing " at the end of the JSON.so my problem is solved.

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