Copy and Paste Images from PDF

  • Hello,

    I'm working on a project which at it's core utilizes the tool wkhtmltopdf. You may have heard of it, it is a basic wrapper around QtWebkit used for generating PDFs from HTML pages.

    However I'm having one problem which has become an urgent issue, hopefully someone will be able to help me find a solution. Images cannot be copy/pasted from PDFs generated by QtWebkit - instead a black square/transparent layer is generated.

    Details are here:

    I have been looking at the QPrintEngine code but cannot see any obvious problems - is there anyone that can help me out to resolve this problem?


  • I have implemented something similar in my last project.
    you need to get the painter from the Printer and then draw the images using that painter on to the printer.

    The main thing in this need to be care is that every printer has different pixel size so you must have a use case to handle that.

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