Hi, Why I can't invoke an activex function (with an argument of type IDispatch*)correctly? [Solved]

  • This is my code:
    QAxWidget *m_tws = new QAxWidget(this);
    m_tws->dynamicCall("connect(int)", 1); //All is oK till here

    QAxObject * contractInfo = m_tws->querySubObject("createContract()");
    if (contractInfo) {
        contractInfo->setProperty("conId", 7516);
        contractInfo->setProperty("symbol", QString("GE") );
        contractInfo->setProperty("secType",QString("STK") );
        QVariantList params;
        int tickerId = 1;
        params << tickerId;
        params << contractInfo->asVariant();
        params << "mdoff,100,101,104,105,106,107,165,221,225,233,236,258";
        params << 0;
        *m_tws->dynamicCall("reqMktDataEx(int, IDispatch*, QString, int)",  params);*
       //After this call, a signal should be emited by m_tws and sent me the market data. But I received nothing!


    Buddy! give me a hand!

    [Mark up code, Tobias]

  • Everything is ok now!

    Just my fault!. The code is correct

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