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Visual Studio 2005 no longer supported?

  • I wanted to use QT with Visual Studio 2005, I downloaded the 4.6.3 library package, and managed to both compile and build my project (an already existing project to which I added an empty qt main window as a test) successfully. However, when I try to run it, I get the "this application failed to initialize properly 0xc0150002" error. I checked the QTGUID4.DLL and QTCORED4.DLL with a dependency walker, and they have references to MSVCP90D.dll and MSVCR90D.dll. Aren't these the runtime libraries for VS2008? Those for VS2005 have 80 instead of 90 (like msvcp80.dll).

    So, is VS2005 no longer supported and should I download an older package? If yes, which one? Or was it my mistake, and I used the wrong libraries? I used this: as a guide, maybe are there newer guides for the current version of Qt?

  • Have you tried to compile Qt library with msvs2005 compiler?

  • No, I only downloaded the binaries. I'll try it and report how it worked.

    Are there somewhere VS2005 project files to do it, or at least a cmake script to create them? The source is quite big to try to figure it out how to make it without.

  • There is text file describing how to build it. You should run msvs console and use it for commands described in readme. AFAIR you should first run configure.exe with needed parameters and then nmake.

  • Thank you for your help, it works now. (wow, it took over 6 hours to compile and build)

    But at least you have one more enthusiastic Qt programmer.

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