Call/Audio Control using the QWebView

  • I have my html5 based desktop page and in that I have a link to the hangout url( so that users can it and it opens on the separate tab and user logs in and makes call. The preferred GUI for our users is the hangout page on google plus.
    I have other QT widgets and native C++ call in my application and I plan to use QWebView to hold the local html page and also show hangout in the QWebView container in a separate tab.

    But using the page on the main tab which has my application, I want to control the volume, accept/reject calls of the same hangout session without going to the from the hangout page, is it possible to control this using the hangout api. I do not have a server to host any page, so it is on the local file system. It will be used on the desktop like Linux, Windows or Mac currently.

    Please let me know your views on it or suggestion to achieve this so that I can have audio/call control in my desktop QT QWebview application

    Thanks and Regards

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