QT-Creator's debugger "just stopped" showing QString values

  • I went to the settings, "rebuilt" debugger-helper - still shows nothing. I can only get a hint for the size of the string when i drill down in the debugger.

    What's causing this? It worked yesterday...

  • What platform is this, what version of Qt Creator, and what's in your debugger log (right pane of Windows->Views->Debugger Log) ?

  • On second thoughts, you probably just switched off the use of the debugging helpers, either in the debugger settings, or in the context menu of the Locals and Watchers view.

  • Unfortunately it's not that easy. The context menu option is checked, and there's nothing in the debugger settings to indicate debugging helper is off. I even have that green "v" next to the Debugging helpers.

    This is a mystery, and it started without notice, today.

    It's QT-CReator 2.1.0

  • The green 'v' matters only on Mac nowadays. Can you put the contents of the debugger log somewhere, or file a issue at bugreports.qt.nokia.com and attach it there?

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