WebEngineView and Network Proxy

  • Hello, can someone explain me how to use a proxy server with WebEngineView in qml?

    I wrote this in main.c:
    QNetworkProxy proxy(QNetworkProxy::HttpProxy,"proxyip",port,"user","pass");

    also i wrote
    QQmlApplicationEngine engine;

    i can access internet with XmlListModel but as i try to display a page into WebEngineView, setting the url property, WebEngineView try to use system settings and does not read the proxy settings from application.

    Thank you.

  • Hi,

    I'm struggling with the same problem, I guess we'll have to wait for Qt 5.6 as "Support for following global Qt proxy settings" is in the release notes for Qt Web Engine there (or use the alpha).


  • As I understand the problem with a proxy so no one decided? Thought the new firmware would fix the matter, but my proxy provider says that the problem is not on their side.

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