[Moved] How to add a scrollbar on a QMainWindow with QDockWidgets

  • Hello again everyone!

    I think I am stuck in a very simple thing.
    I have a QMainWindow and multiple QDockWidgets. Each QDockWidget has a fixed size. What I want to achieve is the following:
    While I am docking QDockWidget on one side of the QMainWindow (e.g. at the right side), I want a vertical scrollbar to appear if the combined height of all the docked QDockWidgets are bigger than the height of the QMainWindow.
    Right now the default behaviour is simple: It just doesn't let you to dock a QDockWidget if the QMainWindow height is smaller than the combined height of all the docked QDockWidgets. (well it does but not at the top or bottom of the others; only as a tabbed dock).
    I tried to hang a scrollable area under the central widget, or set the scrollable area as the central widget but of course it didn't work.
    Any ideas how I can achieve that?
    Thank you in advance guys.


  • Sorry, I posted in the wrong category. Can someone move it to "General and Desktop"? Thanks.

  • Moved. And title shortened a bit (it was toooo long)

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