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Problems with Eclipse 4.4/4.5 and C/C++ Qt Support Plugin

  • Hello

    I have already posted this question over at the Eclipse forums ( but unfortunately there was no input yet. I'm hoping someone here got the Qt Eclipse plugin running successfully.


    I'm trying to setup Eclipse CDT for doing Qt development. I'm running Ubuntu 14.04 LTS (64-bit). I have performed the following steps. I >have tried both with Eclipse 4.4 (Luna) and 4.5 (Mars) (both 64-bit).

    1. Download clean Eclipse CDT (e.g. Mars from>file=/technology/epp/downloads/release/mars/R/

    2. Unpack and run Eclipse, use default workspace

    3. Install "C/C++ Qt Support" plugin, restart Eclipse

    4. Create new project (C++ Project) and select "Makefile project" as "Project type" and there select "Qt5 Hello World Project".

    After this, Eclipse starts running some background task called "Serialize CDT language settings entries (Finished)". It seems like this is >done over and over again and never stops (currently going for 1 hour). I can't start the indexer to resolve my Qt header includes >because >this task doesn't complete.

    Are there any suggestions on what the problem/solution might be?
    Alternatively, I would be interested in any alternative way to get the "C/C++ Qt Support" plugin running. Has anyone succeeded and can >provide some details on their setup?


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