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Need help by setting default-system icon to GroupBox

  • At first ive try to explain why i need this and what ive expect.
    Ive coded an collapseable QGroupBox, by using the checkable functionality. Its gonna work flawless. Here my code source-code at pastebin.

    My problem is to get actual checkbox image overide by defining new stylesheet. (line 143 & 149) It works for own ressources-files like qt5-ressources.doc.
    But i dont want to ship my own images, Ive want the native images from the os.
    In the idea of qt5-stylesheet.doc So it says using ":/icons/..." will do a fallback to os-icons but i cant access them in these context.

    So how can i change the images for these checkboxes without shipping my own graphics along? Thx for answers ;)