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Qt 5.5 installer can not find enough space to install

  • I have just downloaded Qt 5.5 open source for 64-bit windows install. For some reason Qt installer repports that there is not enough space to install. It says 256 megabyte are requried, 0 avialable, despite the system having loads of gigabytes of free disk space. Here is a screenshot of installer+explorer showing free space on system: .

  • Hi and welcome to devnet

    Do you have admin rights on the system when you try to install?
    Which windows is it?

  • Thanks for welcome,

    Yeah, of course, I have try now to install as admin and I get same message. OS is windows 8.1 64-bit.

  • Ok, I will tell a secret. I have found what was problem :-). I consider that to be a bug in Qt Installer.

    I have machine with 16 gig ram, and my system variable for temporary space points to ao ramdisk. I use 2 gigabyte of ram as temporary file system for cache etc. in the picture posted above it is "x:" drive.

    Once I change my tmp & temp variables to point to some other place (I used c:/temp for this case), the installer works fine. I don't know what Qt does with paths and variables, but I don't think it should matter to installer where temp folder is located.

    I am now installing without admin rights. I don't think Qt installer should need admin rights either. By the way, what is wrong of just shipping everything as zipped file? Seems like much simpler solution than custom installer. Less is more :-).



    Eh, just as I was writing this installer finished with message: "Installer failed". I am now trying again with admin rights :-).

  • It fails even with admin rights. It gets to 97% and than fails with error message: "Can not open file for writing: can not find path to file". (or similar, actual error message is in swedish). As seen in details last few lines are:

    Writing maintenance tool. <--- after this line is shown the installer bails out.

  • Unfortunately, I cannot help you with this.
    Windows 8.1 is at least not the latest version and i would assume that people might have experienced also those problem if it is a general problem.
    You can also check and possibly file on JIRA for bug reports .

  • I am not sure what do you mean with: "Windows 8.1 is at least not the latest version and i would assume that people might have experienced also those problem if it is a general problem.". Not latest version of OS? Not latest version of Qt? System is up to date, and latest Qt installer was downloaded 15 minutes before I posted original version.

    No idea if other people have stumbled upon same problem, I hoped someone did and had solution, that is why I posted here. Seems like I have to create yet another account to gain access to bug tracker, so I'll pass for today.

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