some question about e mbed one application into another application.

  • I use a QX11EmbedContainer to embed a application: spicec(it based on X11). just like follows:

    QX11EmbedContainer spicec;

    I have some unresolved questions:

    1:I reimplemented mouseMoveEvent, but it does not work (the parent widget set setMouseTracking(true) too); So how can I get the mouse move event from QX11EmbedContainer? Or is there any way can get mouse move event, even the mouse is not in a Qt windows (global mouse move event)?

    2: Since the embeded windows have its own size, is there any way get the original size of the the embeded windows? Because I want adjust my qt application to show its full content.

    The environment is Ubuntu 14.04 and Qt 4.8.

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