Compiling for 64-bit platform on Visual Studio 2005

  • Hello,

    I am new to -QT- Qt and cannot find answer to the following question: How do you compile 64-bit projects as there are no 64 bit libs in my \Qt\4.7.3\lib folder ?
    I can build 32 bit projects without any error, but 64 bit fails for obvious reason.
    Should I build -QT- Qt sources files on my own, or there is easier way ?

    Thank you.


  • No there is no easy way you really have to recompile it.
    i really suggest using different dll names just to prevent accidentally mixing a standard qt version with your own qt version.

  • Ok, thanks for your reply.

  • Building a 64 bit version of Qt for Windows is quite easy, though. Just build it (using configure and nmake) from the 64 bit command line shell that comes with Visual Studio.

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