QWebEngineView: how to select an image (for download)

  • Dear all,

    With QWebView based on WebKit1 in Qt4 I can copy an image displayed inside QWebView to the clipboard. Now with the so called superior QWebEngineView I don't see any exposed methods I can use to do so.

    The examples provided with Qt5 to select images using jscript is not a solution I can use.
    I know I still can use WebKit1 but more and more websites have problems displaying content in it.

    What is what I should take a look at to get a copy of in image inside QWebEngineView to place it inside QClipBoard?

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    @theDAX AFAIK Using JavaScript is the only way to do so. Many of the methods supported by Qt WebKit have not been implemented or not possible. See more info https://wiki.qt.io/Porting_from_QtWebKit_to_QtWebEngine. Scroll to Unavailable Qt WebKit APIs

  • OK, thanks.
    Reading my question again, I could/should refrase it. Is there a way to select a single image and then download the selected one?

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