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Is Qt Quick ready for full featured desktop application?

  • Hi,

    I'm new to Qt Quick and almost no experience on Qt Widgets.
    I'm going to develop some desktop exclusive applications, and some mobile exclusive applications.
    I know Quick is the best choice on mobile, comparing to Widgets.
    But how about desktop? Is Quick enough for common GUI applications?

    I ask this because if Quick is enough, I will focus on learning Quick and don't need to spend time on Widgets.

    I searched and found that at the early age of Quick it was not good for desktop, but now sure how about now. The presentation in 2013 seems recommend Quick on desktop,


  • We're nearing the end of a development process in which we've ported one of our applications from Widgets to Qt Quick; the application is graphically fairly simple (using just standard control types) but complex in terms of the user interactions and views it contains. The short answer to your question I'd give is: yes, it most definitely is.*

    *With caveats, of course - it still lacks the distributed knowledge and support systems offered by a truly mature library. Deployment is still under-documented and full of hidden gotchas; there is a lack of non-trivial real-world use case examples. The learning curve on QML-C++ interactions is a slippery one. If you want to do quick prototyping using qmlscene, you have to package your custom components in an extension plugin. Doing fancy stuff like custom window frames is an adventure.

    All of this said, I think the benefits are still well worth dealing with the tiresome aspects. Once you've got the hang of QML-C++ interactions, and know how to make your own plugins, the development flow is excellent; you can quickly develop complex views, easily add animations and effects, the coupling between data views list tables and lists and their C++ models is very good, and everything you throw into a GUI is easily customisable. You can do some very sexy things, and all the basics are covered too.

  • Hi

    take a look at my AdbQML

    its UI written complitely using Quick Controls

  • Thanks all. Now I have confidence with Quick on desktop.

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