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browse into QUrl

  • Hi,

    I Wonder how to extract subpath from a QUrl.
    For instance, I have a path /A/B/C/D then I want only the path of the second upper directory: /A/B

    Is there an elegant way to do it without string manipulation?
    Something working like cd .. bash ommand?

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    Hi and welcome
    If there is always at least 2 paths you could just split it to a list
    QString input = your QUrl;
    QStringList lines = input.split('/');
    then you can get the parts using lines list.

    Not super elegant. but better than hardcore string manipulation :)

  • @mrjj But it is not cross platform.. Windows use " \ " and linux " / " .
    So, I can use QDir::seperator ... Or split using a regular expression .

    Thanks for your reply

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    Just a note.
    you can use c:/somepath/blabla in windows too :)
    (from within Qt)

    But yes, you are correct, using seperator is needed for external coming paths.

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