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Auto generated qml file only opens in designer, warning if i try it to open in editor.

  • Hi together,

    I just downloaded a new QtCreator version and if I setup a new QtQuick project, QtCreator creates a nice project tree with a main.qml and MainForm.ui.qml. So far so good.
    But hey, just wait.. .ui.qml? What in the hell.. This is something new. And this file seems only editable via the designer. There is a warning if I try to edit it manually.

    I didn't find any configuration file, any macro, something what says that QtCreator should open this only in edit mode. Renaming the file doesn't had any influence.. So my question:

    Where is the information, that QtCreator should open this file only in designer?
    Any ideas?

    Thanks in advance!

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    @Frime Yes it is a new feature. AFAIR it was included in QtCreator >= 3.2. ui.qml files are called Qt Quick UI Forms and any file with that suffix will open in the designer. To avoid it just remove .ui from the file name. To disable the designer itself completely goto
    Help > Qt Quick > About Plugins > QmlDesigner > uncheck it then restart.

  • Aaaaah okay, thank you very much! I just tried renaming the file, but it still opens in designer. After reading your answer, I restarted QtCreator and voilĂ , problem solved. Seems that QtCreator didn't realized the renaming...

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