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  • in my pro
    INCLUDEPATH +=C:/Users/Lee/Documents/untitled5
    and some head file are in there;
    but however when i want to define a variable in that head file ,i failed
    error: 'Untitled5' was not declared in this scope
    but if i add the real path to the cpp file where the define appare it works
    #include "../untitled5/untitled5.h"

  • hi.

    INCLUDEPATH +=C:/Users/Lee/Documents/untitled5

    this just add to include area. just folder(directory).
    in path, untitled5 is directory name. right?

    so ,
    INCLUDEPATH +=C:/Users/Lee/Documents/untitled5
    #include "untitled5.h"

    then they work you want.

    if it has confusion, you should change the directory name or the file name..

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