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Qt::WA_AlwaysStackOnTop influences font rendering in QML

  • Hi together,

    I need a transparent QQuickWidget embedded in an QWidget UI. But to get this widget transparent, i have to set the window attribute "Qt::WA_AlwaysStackOnTop". But this influences the font rendering in Ubuntu.. There is no anti-aliasing anymore. If i comment this out, i have a black background (instead of transparent) but a nicely rendered font.

    Does anybody has an idea?
    Thank you very much in advance!

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  • Thanks for your response. But this is already done.. the window attribute "Qt::WA_AlwaysOnTop" has to be set in addition. "setClearColor(Qt::transparent)" only has no effect without this attribute..

    Ilf i comment this line (setWindowAtttribut(Qt::WA_Alw...)) out, the the fonts are rendered with anti-aliasing but the background has no transparency anymore. Otherwise, the background is transparent but the fonts are rendered pixelated..

    Any ideas?
    Thank you very much in advance,

  • @Frime

    Yes you're absolutely right! I have the same problem with this and I don't find any satisfaction solution.
    I suppose this is a bug from Qt.

    I made this in this way:

    view = new QQuickWidget(this);

    But this is not solution.

  • Yep, seems like a Qt Bug :/

    My (unsatisfying) workaround: "copy" the background. In my case, I just have a pixelated background-texture I can use as background image.

    But this should work also to fake a transparent QML Widget:
    Grep the background and provide it via property binding to your QML world. Then you can set it as background-Image in QML.
    This could help: Not nice, but should work.


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